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It gives students opportunities to apply knowledge from other disciplines, including mathematics, science, art and design, computing and the humanities. Students will acquire subject knowledge in Design and Technology that builds on Key Stage 3, incorporating knowledge and understanding of different materials and manufacturing processes in order to design and make, with confidence, prototypes in response to issues, needs, problems and opportunities. Students learn how to take design risks, helping them to become resourceful, innovative and enterprising citizens.

Analysis of research?

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Analysis of manufacture? You may get this onto half a sheet or you may leave this out if your materials sheet is detailed enough. How to write a good specification? This will help you write a good graphic products specification.

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More info: See your revision guide page 11 Specification. Busy ideas? You will need to do two sheets minimum. More info: See your revision guide page 15 Design ideas. Development means to gradually improve a design. Development of ideas? You could follow this up with a mini questionaire of the best design. This example has 2 sheets. More info: See your revision guide page 16 Development of ideas.

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This sheet shows the development of a single item over stages, this is an excellent way to present your work. Evaluation questionaire? Produce a small questionnaire and test the three designs on your user group then evaluate the findings. You could fit this into sheet 16 if you have space.

sg-db-ild-2.lode.com.au/15386.php More info: See your revision guide page 14 creating questionaires. Final design sheet 1? Done in Pro-desktop or CorelDraw for extra marks. More info: See your revision guide page 24 and 25 isometric projection. Final design sheet 2? More info: See your revision guide page 31 orthographic projection. Explaination of shopfront Scale 2? This sheet will help you produce your final orthographic drawing.

Final design sheet 3? A pictorial drawing is as drawing close to a photo as you can get it.